The Confederated American States

Geographic Overview
In 2034, in a blatantly political move, the UCAS Sector voluntarily ceded a portion of its territory to CAS, creating a sixth Treaty nation. The CAS Sector's borders in Denver proper followed Highway 70 eastward from the intersection with Intercity 25, jog south past Stapleton, then run along Route 225 south to the intersection with Highway83. The demarcation line follows Highway 83 south out of the city. South of the Aztlan Sector, the eastern border jogs cross-country until it hits Highway 24 at Peyton, and then follows the highway southwest into Colorado Springs.

The border follows Highway 24 around Colorado Springs, then swings north to follow Intercity 25 all the way up to Highway 470, where it turns west. At Route 85, the demarcation line turns north again until it hits Highway 228 (E. Jefferson Avenue), where it turns back east. It then follows Intercity 25 north again, merges into S. Colorado Blvd., hangs east at Colfax, and then does an unholy jog around the downtown area, from which it proceeds back along Intercity 25 north and then east toward Stapleton again along Highway 70.

The CAS has a long-standing love affair with "personal defense" weapons. Provided your credstick shows the appropriate license datawork, you can pack anything up to and including a heavy pistol. Another kind of license allows you to own, transport, and use semiautomatic long arms, and even certain kinds of autofire assault-style weapons. Of course, such weapons are licensed strictly for hunting. (Sure, Right, Natch. Uh-huh.)

Everyone who's ever tried it agrees that importing any kind of bang-bang brings more trouble than it's worth. In theory, you can get the necessary import licenses, but the datawork and bureaucratic hoops and crosschecks (and on and on) make the whole experience about as pleasant as gargling cyberspurs. You might as well come in empty-handed and buy what you need in-sector. (Which is just what the CAS-based gun companies have in mind, I'm sure.)