Economic notes
1. Anything other than standard military ball ammo is restricted, and you can't get anything by the belt (legally, that is-check the shadow market).
2. Light body armor is legal. Everything else is restricted; not even corp security personnel can wear it. Only Pueblo Security Enterprises has access to all that good stuff.
3. To buy any kind of explosives you need a license, for which you have to jump though so many fragging hoops that by the time you get it, whatever you wanted to blow up has probably eroded away. And don't bother trying to forge the license datawork-this is Pueblo, bucko.
4. Silencers, smartlinks, and wizzer drek like that is heavily restricted. Recoil compensation is legal; apparently the powers-that-be figure it might be used for hunting.
5. Armored Vehicles? Forget it on the up-and-up, bucko. (Think about it, if the Pueblo sec-forces get knots in their shorts about medium body armor, are they gunna let you have a fragging tank?) As for black-and-shadow deals, sec-boys come down hard on anyone dealing in LAVs and the like, which pushes the price way up.

Pueblo proper is pretty tight-hooped about weapon licenses and restricting the more lethal kinds of bang-bangs. You can legally carry a "personal defense" weapon, defined as anything up to and including a light pistol. 'Course, you have to have a license for it, and the necessary datawork digs pretty deep into your background. Any heavier metal than a light pistol is restricted, and autofire weapons are right out. A few loopholes exist for such hunting weapons as single-shot rifles and shotguns, but you need yet another license for these guns.