Run 1

Delivery run for the Koshari to the Chavez mob

Type: Routine delivery run.

Info: Meet in Denim, a nightclub in Pueblo sector. Meet there a masked fellow. Tells us the Koshari leadership have a package they want to delivery to the Chavez. And it will be our job getting it there safe. We got called in, as the Johnson wanted new faces, so to be sure they where neutral in the big game. Package is to be delivered in UCAS sector, so need to get from Pueblo, through CAS to UCAS.

After having crossed into CAS, was stopped by the Triads and the Yakuza. Wraith convinced Yakuza to team up against Triads. What was left was easy enough to deal with.

Saw Five by Five for the first time.

Once into UCAS, got overtaken by a Bikergang (Fronts). But fancy driving, hacking and shootin' made them loose interest.

Goal: Deliver Package safely to Chavez, without anyone opening the package.

Status: Completed.

Aftermath: Met with Omar Chavez and delivered package safely. Got second half of payment.

(logged by Wraith)

Comments by others
Wraith - First job, and I doubled the pay! Not a bad start!
Wraith - Met Stalker for the first time.
Wraith - Met Peaches for the first time.
Wraith - Met Jonny Ono for the first time.