Run 2

Rescue of Belenkiy on behalf of Falcone

Type: Rescue mission

Info: Tabby the Fixer calls Wraith. Tells us to meet our Mr. Johnson, a Mr. Falcone at Falcone Corperate Retreats. A Johnathan Belenkiy has been kidnapped from the resort. Belenkiy works at ARES' R&D department for Personal Arms and Armor. 250000 Nuyen was to be delivered for his safe return. If not delivered on time, Belenkiy would be killed.

Looking through security movies, and searching through the rooms where Belenkiy had slept gives a clue towards the Black Cats, a Shadowrun team with only female indians.

Find out that Belenkiy climbed a bit well fast, and ARES executives have started a loyalty test, before considering him for a VP position.

Goes to Marcel's, meet up with Ramses, who works there whitewashing money for the Casquilho family. Learn more about the connection between them and Belenkiy. Inform them of what has happened. Belenkiy gives Casquilho newly developed weapons, against them telling him back how they worked, any improvements they should have, and so on. Basically getting the weapons field-tested.

Goes to Hardpan. Sioux bar. Wraith manages to get info that makes us able to contact the Black Cats on AR by the use of disguises.

From Ramses get a lead that Lina walks with Ghost can be found at Adams Country Park.
Goes there, Wraith manages to make them see we do not need to be enemies. They tell us they've been instructed to release Belenkiy at midnight the following night. Said someone must be screwing us if we've been told Belenkiy would be killed. Neither do they know of any ransom.

Get contacted by a Void. A VR meeting place set up. Kevin512 goes to meet him. Find out the following about him through contacts. Void is HammerJack. An old runner. Retired around the same time as Falcone. He was part of a run against ARES, which went rather bad. Falcome was the fixer that set them up with the run. ARES themselves that had set up the run against them, thus was well prepered. Probably a security test.

We then track down where the Black Cats might be holding Belenkiy. Hit jackpot. Rescue Belenkiy. Let the Black Cats go.

Find out that Void hacks from Union Station. Also find that Falcone apperently have a backup-plan. When the time is up, give over data to ARES that proves that we are the ones behind the kidnapping to cover his own arse.

Goal: Rescue of Belenkiy. Secondary, find out who was behind the kidnapping.

Status: Completed.

Aftermath: Told Falcone everything learned, including where Void was hiding out, also that we knew about his little backup-plan. Got him as contact. Belenkiy suitably happy for being rescued and free. Got our payment.

(logged by Wraith)

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