Run 3

Katherine Westmore

Type: Routine extraction run.

Target: Katherine Westmore, age 11.

Info: Daughter of Donna Westmore — Federate Boeing engineer, living in the CAS sector. Donna recently crossed from VIP lists all over the UCAS sector. Lifeguard rented for Katherine: Jack "Frost" McPhearson, ex Trinity.

Secondary info: GodZ may have a beef with the Johnson; name of "Lady Jane", or with the run in particular.

Goal: Take target unharmed to a safehouse in Aurora Warrens, CAS sector.

Status: Completed.

Aftermath: Katherine Westmore reported shot and killed by an unknown sniper at the safehouse in Aurora Warrens during the negotiation of her release from alleged kidnappers.

Logged by Dogpatch

Comments by others
Wraith - Met a strong Troll by the name of "Golem".
Wraith - Lady Jade gave us a "free fix" with Zong Wang - Street Doc
Wraith - Jack "Frost" MacPherson was bodyguard of Kathrine