Run 4

Katherine Westmore

Type: Vandalism, harrasing etc against minor corp

Target: RMD (Rocky Mountain Dynamics)

Info: Met our Mr. Johnson inside Pueblo, after first having gathered at Nuffssniks pub. The place we met up had a noice-generator. The Johnson present with bodyguard. Want us to not damage the building themselves. No casulties. Get to keep whatever we loot.

Find out that the Chavez-mafia has interest somehow.

Cyclops has the security of the place.

We brake in, shoot a few with tasers. Steal a truck. Sell it at Five-by-Five.
Next day dump a lot of sugar on lots of trucks, shoot a few more guards. Wreck some things inside. Get shot up. Get extracted by DocWagon.

Gets beat up by Chavez-junior. Have a talk with Don Omar personally, and straiten things out with him.
Highjack then another truck the following day.

Status: Completed.

Aftermath: MetalStorm (owned by Ares Arms) bought up RMD the following week. Our Mr.Johnson did now show up himself to pay us. But bodyguard did, and looked rather angry.

Logged by Wraith

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